Special Workshop!
Heart String Yoga
with Little Strike

You are invited to a practice, led by Amanda DeLeo, that will deepen your connection to the present moment through asana, breath, and the live music of Philadelphia’s own Little Strike. You will be serenaded in honor of your deepest self; a sweet way to experience gratitude, love, and harmony with yourself and the universe.

Where: Studio 34 Yoga

When: Saturday April 8th, 6:00-7:15pm

Hi! Hello! Welcome!

I'm so excited you're here! Maybe you're just thinking about starting an exercise routine and a little push, a better understand of the when and how would be helpful. Or you're experienced and have the drive but would like to learn about exercising mindfully and with precise alignment that is tailored specifically to your body. No matter your background or your level of fitness my hope is that I can motivate you to treat your body with the respect and love that you know it yearns for and deserves.

I am offering a special package just for new clients. Our first session is a sit-down conversation where we discuss your goals and needs, as well as your health history. The following five sessions are hour long workouts that include warm ups, dynamic stretching, and cool downs.

Contact me for more information or to schedule sessions: amandalynnyoga@gmail.com | 941-586-0145

New Client Package


Complimentary Introductory Session + Five 1 Hour Sessions

Only $195

*available for new clients only